GATE, Enrichment, & Intervention Programs

GAP Intervention Program

Our Intervention program is a targeted ELA, and Math Tutoring class that is aligned with LAUSD's RTI2 initiatives and designed to meet the differentiated needs of our students.  This course will target our students' specific ELA and Math skills and provide them access to various instructional modalities, which focus on their specific giveneeds, and monitor their progress.  Teachers will administer instruction for an 8-week period, and utilize pre and post-test students, and formative assessments to monitor student progress. The curriculums will be planned and developed using specific ELA and Math strand skill' deficits, SBAC, DIBELS, and classroom scores.   Teachers will also use a variety of classroom pedagogies and strategiesto support student learning.  
Castlebay's Intervention Programs will feature:
  • 8 week intensive instruction, designed and delivered for specific ELA and Math Standards Targets.
  • Homogenous groupings of students based on strand skill level



The course is available to preselected students.   There is one session which begins January 29th and ends March 23rd.  Classes meet once or twice a week from 2:50p to 4:00p.   Classes and days are assigned per individual grade level and subject (see applicaiton information).
The deadline to submit 2018 applicaitons has been extended to Friday January 26,  2018.

GATE Afterschool Program

This year's GATE Afterschool Program will introduce students to the creative problem solving process.  The program uses Future Problem Solvers Activities curriculum to provide students opportunities to collaborate in teams and individually, to problem solve in a variety of contexts.

There is no homework associated with the class however the creation of solution proposals will involve some writing, lots of higher level creative thinking, and cooperative groups.  The program meets twice a week (Wed & Fri) and all students must enroll in both days.  Students will culminate the class with a presentation of their work during the course.  
The course is currently available only to 4th and 5th grade.  There are two sessions.  Session #1 is January 29th to March 9th and Session #2 is from March 12th to April 20th. 
The deadline to submit applicaitons has been extended to Friday January 26, 2018.

Classes meet Wednesday and Friday from 2:50p to 4p.